About Craigmore Creations

Craigmore Creations was founded in 2008. The initial vision was the creation of the Terra Tempo series, with the idea of bringing natural history to life in a full-color graphic novel series that would engage young readers with intelligent, entertaining stories. With the growing concerns of climate change and the loss of biodiversity occurring, reaching the next generation with material that could educate about Earth history while being entertaining was of the utmost importance. Terra Tempo lead into Blunderbuss Wanderlust, which lead into Right Where You Are Now, which then opened the way into Craigmore Creations becoming a fully operational publishing house. As a small, independent publisher, Craigmore Creations works very closely with authors, illustrators and in-house design staff to produce quality books that are works of art in and of themselves.

DS-web President | David R. Shapiro
David R. Shapiro is the founder of Craigmore Creations. Entrepreneur, entertainer and naturalist, David earned his BA in Natural History and Creative Writing from Prescott College. His work experience includes tracking rare carnivores for the USFS, guiding children through a mythic theater naturalist learning camp, and acting as a liaison for large scale art and music festival production. As an author David has been inspired by the imagination of his two children.  David lives in Portland, but travels often to be a part of the rest of the world. Read David’s Blog.

Business Development Manager | Thea Kuticka
Thea Kuticka is the business development manager at Craigmore Creations. She oversees the editorial projects, manages distribution and sales, and directs trade shows. Thea has over a decade of experience in the industry, including stints as an editor, a bookseller, and a library reference assistant. She previously worked for Dark Horse Comics and Bilingual Review before joining Craigmore Creations. She holds a MFA in writing from the University of Virginia and a BA in English from the University of Oregon.
brian Production Manager | Brian David Smith
Brian David Smith is an artist specializing in print + digital production, publishing design, and creative thinking. He has a MS in Writing and Book Publishing from Portland State University, and a BS in Art and Mass Communications from the University of Montevallo. As production manager at Craigmore Creations, Brian coordinates and executes the bulk of production needs, designing everything from marketing collateral to book covers and interiors. You can see some of his design projects at brian-david.com
TLehmann_Headshot Marketing Manager | Tara Lehmann
Tara Lehmann is the marketing manager at Craigmore Creations. She navigates the daily twists and turns of social media, marketing, and publicity. She graduated from Arizona State University in 2009 with a BA in English Literature, and graduated with a MS in Writing and Book Publishing from Portland State University in 2013.
Fay Administrative Coordinator | Fay Funk
Fay Funk is the administrative coordinator for Craigmore Creations. She manages the day-to-day operations for Craigmore Creations, including shipping and mailing, office organization, and communications with partner companies. She also does research and assists on creative projects. Fay is a graduate of New York University, and holds a BA in political science.
Designer | Erica Melville
Erica Melville oversees the coloring and lettering of the Terra Tempo series. She has a wide skill set in art, design, editing and an eye for color, with a love for nature and good stories. She holds an MFA in painting from Rutgers University. See her artwork at www.ericamelville.com
Illustrator | Christopher Herndon
Christopher Herndon, artist, monster maker, musician, and more, is the creator of 2 acclaimed comic book series and whose work can been found in numerous comic books, album covers, games, and other magazines. Chris’s most recent art has been showcased up and down the Columbia River and he has traveled across the country selling comics and displaying his work. Most recently he has undertaken the gargantuan task of illustrating the Terra Tempo series. This has given him the great opportunity to educate and entertain those young and old about the real life monsters living in our Earth’s past. Smilodons, Mammoths, and Dinosaurs. Oh MY! Chris now accepts commissions. To learn more check out his facebook page!
Projects: Blunderbus WanderlustTerra Tempo (series), Tool. Time. Twist.
Comic Illustrator Contributor | Brian Lipinski
Brian Lipinski developed his passion for art and science at an early age and maintains that we will experience a new Renaissance during our lifetime. Whether he’s working with layers of acrylic paint or Z-ordered vector graphics, Brian’s intention is simply to illustrate his inner manifestations of consciousness. Striving for creative diversity, he occupies an essential ecological niche within the entertainment industry as a freelance digital artist. When Brian’s not in front of his workstation monitors or an easel, he might be tending to his carnivorous plants, reading obscure novella by Philip K. Dick or John Wyndham, biking through a canyon near his residence in Oakland, CA or carving jade. He is the illustrator for Around the World with Haley Zoic. See more of his work at Brian’s website.
Column Contributor | Adam Sawyer
Adam Sawyer is an outdoor writer/photographer living in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of Craigmore Creations’ Portland Family Outdoors column. Adam is also a Resident Expert (Tour Guide) for Portland Walking Tours and currently writes as the Portland Hiking Examiner for Examiner.com. He is a moderator for the popular hiking resource Portlandhikers.org and co-hosted the KEEN HybridLife Radio Show for its duration. A father of one and former Information Technology specialist, Adam left the office to pursue his passion for the outdoors.