About Craigmore Creations

Craigmore Creations was founded in 2008 with the intent to create and publish innovative books, inspiring an early interest in reading and environmental awareness. Our books bridge education and entertainment for youth, bringing topics of Earth history and environmental awareness to life through picture books, graphic novels, and select narrative tales. As a small, independent publisher, Craigmore Creations works closely with authors, illustrators, and designers to produce high quality books.

President | David R. Shapiro
David R. Shapiro is the founder of Craigmore Creations. He is a life long student of nature and has been involved in the development of businesses in Portland since 2001. He is also the author of the Terra Tempo graphic novel series, as well as the idea generator for many Craigmore Creations titles.
Business Development Director | Thea Kuticka
Thea Kuticka is the business development director at Craigmore Creations. She oversees the editorial projects, manages distribution and sales, and directs trade shows. Thea’s experience in the industry, includes stints as an editor, a bookseller, and a library reference assistant. She previously worked for Dark Horse Comics and Bilingual Press (ASU) before joining Craigmore Creations. She holds a MFA in writing from the University of Virginia and a BA in English from the University of Oregon.