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Our books are designed as covert teaching tools. Children have so much fun following the stories of our characters that they forget they are learning! Our teacher guides and student workbooks are created to integrate the material into the classroom. Children have fun, while achieving benchmarks and hitting national standards in science, language arts, social studies, and more.

Terra Tempo: Ice Age Cataclysm! Lesson Plan
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Teacher’s Guide $14.99 MSRP or free with purchase of 10 or more books
Package of 25 Student Workbooks $50
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Between 18,000 and 15,000 years ago a series of cataclysmic floods sculpted some of the most dramatic landscapes in the country. The flood path from Montana to the Pacific Ocean reveals evidence of the greatest floods known to the world, as the great ice sheets of the Northwest melted into gigantic glacial lakes in western Montana. This warming world was home to epic megafauna that still enchant the modern imagination. Mammoth, giant sloth, camels, and horses lived alongside contemporary animals such as elk and rabbit. Though close in time, this period of Earth history was fascinatingly different from the modern age.The Terra Tempo: Ice Age Cataclysm! Lesson Plan assists teachers in integrating the material from the story into the classroom. Through the story children learn about the astronomy of 15,000 years ago, the animals of the Pleistocene, the geography of the Pacific Northwest, the Chinook Jargon, the science behind the discover of the Missoula Floods, and more! Developed in conjunction with Danae Hutson.

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Terra Tempo: Four Corners of Time Lesson Plan coming soon!
For grade levels 4–7.
Available soon! email us for more info: contact@craigmorecreations.com
Support student learning with the graphic novel Terra Tempo: Four Corners of Timeby utilizing the companion teacher’s guide and student time travel journal. The student journal structures learning as the students read about the curious things in nature on Jenna, Caleb and Ari’s adventures. The student journal and accompanying teacher’s guide contain 11 interdisciplinary lessons to complement each chapter in the graphic novel. Each section highlights chapter themes and interdisciplinary activities, allowing students go deeper into grappling with Earth history. The student time travel journal highlights significant information and themes within the book and is designed to complement Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Creative Arts content standards as well as supporting Common Core Standards. Background information and valuable links to help further your knowledge of the topics within are included. Get kids excited about science, reading and the arts! Developed in conjunction with Danae Hutson.
Blunderbuss Wanderlust Lesson Plan coming soon!
For grade levels 8–9.
Available soon! email us for more info: contact@craigmorecreations.com
Earth Science and Shakespearean Poetry in one book? We did it! Understanding 600 million years of Earth history can be a daunting task for students in 8th and 9thgrade. We’ve made a fun story about the time travel adventures of Colonel Victor Von Vector to make it easier. Victor’s travels are told in 17 sonnets and 17 whimsical, detailed illustrations that will make students laugh while they are learning the facts of geologic time.The sonnets are true to iambic pentameter and the style allows a degree of levity to a heavy topic. Try rhyming with Dunkleosteus!The Blunderbuss Wanderlust Lesson Plan helps teachers integrate english language arts, earth/physical science and social science into the classroom. Developed in conjunction with Danae Hutson.

About Danae Hutson
Danae Hutson is a licensed teacher who has taught Social Science, Language Arts and Earth Science as well as working on archeological excavations. While she still likes to get dirty in the field and roll up her sleeves in the classroom she currently works as a School and Teacher Program Specialist for the Portland Art Museum.

Book Packs for Educators

One of the best ways to engage young minds is through reading comics, graphic novels, and picture books. Educators receive a discount off our published books. Please contact us to order or for more information on school packages: contact@craigmorecreations.com

Terra Tempo: The Four Corners of Time book pack contains:* 25 books

* 25 bookmarks (free)

* 1 teacher’s desk copy (free)

* 1 teachers Guide (free)

Total: $315

Terra Tempo: Ice Age Cataclysm! book pack:* 25 books

* 25 bookmarks (free)

* 1 teacher’s desk copy (free)

* 1 Teachers Guide (free)

Total: $262.50


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