Urban Wild Season 3

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Episode 1: Apples Galore Episode 2: Setting Summer  Episode 3: Blustery Lessons
 Episode 4: Lost Leaves
Episode 5: Little Bat, Big Bite
Episode 6: Earl’s Shadow
Episode 7: Urban Mutiny
Episode 8: Buggy Dinner
Urban Wild-Episode 8
 Episode 9: New Roomie
Urban Wild: New Roomie

Urban Wild Season 2

Episode 1: Flight Risk  Episode 2: Smitten with Mittens Episode 3: The Urban Coyote Episode 4: Torrents of Pigeons
Episode 5: Bat houses  Episode 6: A Restless Roost Episode 7: A Noisy Habitat
 Episode 8: To Beaver, or not to Beaver
Episode 9: Wildlife Relocation
 Episode 10: Emitzilla Episode 11: Of Treasures and Trees  Episode 12: A Chilly Turtle
 Episode 13: Leaves of Love
Episode 14: The Tale of the Snail’s Shell Episode 15: A Sunny Summer Snooze  Episode 16: Sky Captain Earl


Cory is a freelance writer in Portland, Oregon. He enjoys writing short stories and comics and has also worked as a reporter for local magazines. Prior to moving to the Northwest, he spent five years working and traveling through Asia. He loves to read, write, run, snorkel, and ski.

DANE AULT | Illustrator
Dane is a graphic designer by training, an illustrator by inclination and a nerd by nature living in the splendiferous beauty of Portland, Oregon. Dane honed his art skills drawing pictures of the ducks and geese his father raised in his backyard aviary for various family members while growing up. As an adult, Dane has used his art skills to do work for many companies including Upper Deck Entertainment and MTV Networks. Dane also runs his own small children’s book publishing and art company with his wife, Ashlie. When he’s not drawing (which is a very rare occurrence) Dane might be found enjoying a hike through SW Portland’s walking trails, selling his wares at a comic book convention or possibly playing video games.


Urban Wild Season 1

Episode 1: Port City Episode 2: Rainy Season Episode 3: Fungus Among Us Episode 4: Scatter Hoarding
Episode 5: The Nose Knows Episode 6: Camping Out Episode 7: Opal, A Bird of Many Talons Episode 8: Snowmaggedon
Episode 9: Dove Love Episode 10: Bird is the Word Episode 11: Earl Wants a Girl Episode 12: Emit the Party Animal
Episode 13: Pets’ Regrets Episode 14: Grain of Salt Episode 15: Syanthropes Episode 16: Eggciting Times




Urban Wild Season 1  |  Cloe Ashton
Cloe is a carbon based food tube who enjoys a peaceful existence on Earth in the 21st century. In order to put food through her tube she works hard drawing thingsthat will make other food tubes happy enough to give her green paper. Green paper isn’t very good to eat, but you can usually trade it for better tube food.

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