Craigmore Creations to Lose Distribution

Craigmore Creations will be losing it's distribution through IPG as of 12/31/2017. This will affect all book buying channels. If you are a bookstore, library, or gift shop that has been ordering Craigmore Creations books from IPG, the time is limited to re-order your books. After the contract close date, the future is uncertain. All I know is that we will not have the stock left to find a new distributor and I lack the desire to reprint and distribute the books on my own. Being a publisher has been a great learning experience but I would like to focus on creating only and finding a publisher to carry my works.

I will be seeking a new publisher for the Terra Tempo series. I will be working with the other authors/illustrators about how to go forward with their own works.

This change saddens me, but I hope that new windows are open because of this.

I will be available for school presentations, as always. I have some great school appearances lined up for September and October. The website will remain up and running. I will be available for school/group/bookstore presentations throughout the 2017/18 school year.

With a little luck and skill the Terra Tempo series will be carried by a major New York house with the budget and clout to get the books into classrooms across the country.  That is my goal from here on out.

I thank all the bookstores, gift shops, libraries, and other channels that have been buying and selling the Craigmore Creation books over the years. Your support has been wonderful! I feel that we have much to celebrate as an independent publisher. All the usual lines of communication will be open so feel free to email or call with any questions.

All the best,

David Shapiro