Field Notes

Silicon Valley ComicCon 2017 was a blast! A highlight was meeting Aaron Horrocks who cosplays as Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy, of course, plays a background part in Terra Tempo: Four Corners of Time. Having an opportunity to have a photograph with the book and a real life Theodore Roosevelt look alike was awesome.

Book sales were strong and interest in the Terra Tempo series continues to grow. Christopher and David are actively figuring out how to continue the series. The demand for Terra Tempo continues to grow and though Chris and David have had to take on other work to survive, they both want to put more Terra Tempo out into the world.

As a fan of Terra Tempo, you can do your part to help the series grow. Buy a copy for a friend! Recommend it to your library. Tell your local book store to stock the whole series! Thank you all for your support!