Field Notes

Silicon Valley ComicCon 2017 was a blast! A highlight was meeting Aaron Horrocks who cosplays as Teddy Roosevelt. Teddy, of course, plays a background part in Terra Tempo: Four Corners of Time. Having an opportunity to have a photograph with the book and a real life Theodore Roosevelt look alike was awesome.

Book sales were strong and interest in the Terra Tempo series continues to grow. Christopher and David are actively figuring out how to continue the series. The demand for Terra Tempo continues to grow and though Chris and David have had to take on other work to survive, they both want to put more Terra Tempo out into the world.

As a fan of Terra Tempo, you can do your part to help the series grow. Buy a copy for a friend! Recommend it to your library. Tell your local book store to stock the whole series! Thank you all for your support!

Thank You to Corbett Grade School 2017!

March 13 and 14th, 2017 David R Shapiro returned to Corbett Grade School to present the Terra Tempo materials to students in the K-5 classes. This year, students at Corbett Grade School will be studying the Missoula Floods, so, having David speak was a natural fit. 

The presentation highlights the science and art of Terra Tempo: Ice Age Cataclysm in a 45 minute slide show. There is time at the end for Q and A as well as book and autograph signing. David is able to change the presentation to be applicable for students of various ages.

Corbett school hosted David as well as Erica Melville and Christopher Herndon back in 2010. Corbett was the first school to host the Terra Tempo team. Seven years and two Terra Tempo books later, David was excited to return to a new batch of students.

What is truly amazing is that the younger students were not yet born when David started to write Terra Tempo but they were still filled with enthusiasm for the book. This means that Terra Tempo is surely a timeless classic and is not bound by what is "in" at the moment. 

David can be booked for presentations through this website or contacted at  

Thank you to Lent School of Portland Oregon

The thank you notes! 

Students from the Lent School of Portland Oregon sent thank you notes to David R Shapiro for his presentation and gift of Terra Tempo books to the 3rd and 4th grade students. 


David gifted close to 90 books for the school to use. Terra Tempo 1, 2, and 3 can now be integrated into their learning curriculum.  

Three Ways to Connect at ALA San Francisco

Three Ways to Connect at ALA San Francisco

We are getting excited about this years ALA in San Francisco! David R. Shapiro and Christopher Herndon will be having fun and working hard to promote Craigmore Creations books to the wide world of librarians and libraries. Read further to see the various ways to connect with Craigmore at ALA...

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