Blunderbuss Wanderlust: And the Eras of his Ways
Written by David Shapiro | Illustrated by Christopher Herndon

Colonel Victor Von Vector has a blunderbuss gun with a peculiar recoil. When he shoots, he gets kicked back in time 600 million years. With each subsequent shot, Victor moves through geologic time, encountering beasts of the past and wandering through the varied environments that have colored Earth’s history. Using the Shakespearian sonnet as his means of record, Victor’s journey from the Cambrian through other time periods, and back to his own Edwardian time is presented in seventeen poems with seventeen illustrated plates. Extremely detailed art tells the story. 

Price: $14.99 US, $17.99 CAN
Age: 8 and up
ISBN: 9781940052137
Format: Hardcover, full color



Writer David R. Shapiro is the founder of Craigmore Creations. He has worked as an animal tracker, interpretive guide, youth educator, and summer camp director. David is the author of the Terra Tempo graphic novel series and several children's picture books. He lives in Portland, Oregon, and is still working out the kinks in time travel.

Illustrator Christopher Herndon has been feeding himself by way of the funny book industry for over a decade. He is the creator of two comic book series and illustrator for numerous album covers, games, and magazines. He illustrated the Terra Tempo series, a children’s book called Tool. Time. Twist., and the comic, Living with Zombies. Herndon currently lives in Portland, Oregon. His mother still puts his drawings on her refrigerator.  

“If I can read a book where I can see a man with a wonderful bouquet of facial hair stare down a dinosaur while brandishing a blunderbuss and learn something along the way then I’m a happy reader.”