Bronto & the Pterodactyl Eggs
Written and Illustrated by Charlotte Vivian Rodenberg

Imagine—amid the leafy branches of a pear tree, you come upon a nest of tiny pterodactyl eggs. You look all around, but their momma is nowhere to be seen. What do you do? Having found just this, one kind-hearted Apatosaurus must seek a way to protect these fledglings. In this tale of caring and camaraderie, join the world’s bravest Bronto on his quest to help little wings take flight!

Price: $16.95 US, $19.95 CAN
Age: 4–8 years
ISBN: 9780984442249
Format: Hardcover



Charlotte Rodenberg was born Charlotte LeVee in Denver, Colorado, to a military family of six. After several moves, her family settled in Indianapolis where they kept a small fun farm. As a child, her mother wrote poems about the farm and Charlotte illustrated them. Charlotte received her Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Southern Indiana in Evansville where she met and married her husband, Joshua Rodenberg. Together they moved to Richmond, Virginia, and then to Philadelphia where Charlotte received her Master of Fine Arts degree from Temple University, Tyler School of Art.

Charlotte and her husband now live in Seattle, Washington, where she maintains her writing and studio practice. Charlotte originally wrote Bronto & the Pterodactyl Eggs as a puppet show that she performed for children. She received a fellowship at the Jentel Artist Residency Program in Wyoming where she began the illustrations for the book. She used the Oregon lava fields, gorges, and waterfalls as her inspiration.

“This tale is perfect to introduce any young mind to science, dinosaurs, and adventure. The story flows nicely and each page is illustrated with hand-painted watercolor and ink by the author. We hope this first book from Rodenberg is not her last!”

—Portland Book Review

“What I Loved: The storyline reminded me a bit of Are You My Mother? which is a staple around this house. Only in this story, the eggs don’t realize their mother is missing, and it is up to a friendly Brontosaurus to save the day. I love that the Bronto takes responsibility for the problem, and then takes action when necessary. I also love the illustrations. They’re beautiful and accessible to preschoolers while still being enjoyable for adults. I also loved that the author took little opportunities to give facts about brontosauruses and volcanoes in a way that didn’t detract from the story.”

—YA Book Central

“Rodenberg’s impressive watercolor and ink illustrations animate earth’s lush and rapidly evolving landscape with vibrancy and color. Bronto and the Pterodactyl Eggs is sweet story that shows the importance of helping the weakest ones through a dangerous and changing world. Young dinosaur fans will fall in love with big-hearted Bronto.”

—Midwest Book Review and Advice From A Caterpillar