Look Out for Bugs
By Jen Prokopowicz

Watch out! From the wet and wild meadows of the west to the sun-scorched desert, insects cleverly disguise themselves using nature's camouflage for protection. This hide-and-seek book for young readers features diorama habitats where insects live. Readers are encouraged to find the insects among the panoramic pages and then learn more in insect windows. The book encourages young readers to study detailed natural habitats made out of mixed media and find creatures hidden in crevices, nooks, and creeks. Habitats include the arid desert, the backyard, the creek, the forest, the meadow, and the marsh. For older kids the artwork in this book will astound and amuse and surprise. Unusual insects such as the caddis fly appear along with some other mysterious larvae.

Price: $17.99 US, $21.99 CAN
Age: 5 and up
ISBN: 9781940052144
Format: Cloth



Jen Prokopowicz is an animator, illustrator, and all-around maker of tiny things.  When she is not at work she can be found on a hike, holding up her group to stop and inspect creatures and plants along the trail.  Originally from Pennsylvania, she now lives in Portland, OR.

"The author's point is simple and effectively made: These tiny creatures cleverly conceal themselves by matching their environments. The creatures are recognizable, and the descriptive information is generally accurate . . . this is an interesting addition to the environmental shelf."

—Kirkus Reviews

"Children will enjoy trying to find the hidden insects as they explore the habitat scenes . . . The paper diorama scenes and individual paper insects are remarkable three dimensional works of art that beautifully capture the colors and diversity of insects."

—Marya Jansen-Gruber, lookingglassreview.com