Right Where You Are Now
Written by Lisa Montierth | Illustrated by Ashley Burke

Right Where You Are Now is a bedtime story for children. Vibrant illustrations transport readers millions of years back through geologic time, from worlds of flowing rivers of lava to the tribes of early Americans. A new and exciting journey begins with every turn of the page. Right Where You Are Now is scientifically accurate, so it’s more than just a bedtime story—it’s an educational adventure.

Price: $16.95 US, $19.95 CAN
Age: 4 and up
ISBN: 9780984442225
Format: Cloth



Lisa Montierth is a freelance writer, nature lover, and Idaho native. She recently finished a film project called 23 Feet, an exploration of nature and the pursuits of outdoor passions. She has contributed to Durango Magazine, The University of Idaho Argonaut, elephantjournal.com, and iwend.com. A self-proclaimed ski bum, her interests include yoga, biking, and the outdoors.

Ashley Burke is an illustrator and motion designer. She received a BFA in graphic design from the University of Georgia and an MFA in design and technology from Parsons School of Design in New York, NY, where she also taught. She has been teaching courses in motion graphics at the Art Institute of Portland for the past 2 years. You can view more of her work at www.ashleyburke.com.

“In an eye-opening and meditative bedtime book with a distinctive 1960s aesthetic, two children take an imaginative journey around the world and into the past.”

–Publisher’s Weekly

“Overall, it’s a intelligent and fun introduction to ancient creatures that roamed our planet, and the geological processes that shaped its landscapes. There’s a brief glossary in the back explaining some of the unfamiliar terms and creatures featured, but still leaves a lot to the curious mind, with the final page asking the reader to ponder what wonders the distant future might hold (winged rabbits?).”

–Apartment Therapy.com

“In the crowded aisles of New York ComicCon, a quiet book called out to me. My eye was drawn to the painterly, slightly retro style, and as I thumbed through the book, I fell in love with all of the paintings that let kids know about the wild ride our planet has been on for the past 250 million years or so.”

–from Geekmom.com