Eliza’s Journal
Written by Caelyn AB Williams | 
Illustrated by Kati Green

Eliza Wolcott’s supposed fun-in-the-sun summer vacation on Orcas Island with her aunt and uncle quickly turns into a season of assuming responsibility as she is forced by her uncle to get a summer job. Eliza initially resists but ends up utilizing her talent as an artist and accepts a job as a “natural history illustrator” for the local eccentric Orville Tanner. While Mr. Tanner is strange and gruff, Eliza finds his grandson, Charlie, to be friendly and handsome. As the summer progresses Eliza finds herself illustrating peculiar finds from the geologic past. Guided by curiosity and an uncanny sense that something is very different about the Tanner family, Eliza begins to snoop around for information and unlocks the details of the Tanner family secret.

Taking the form of a journal, this novel is embellished with exceptional illustrations as Eliza chronicles her summer adventures.

Price: $14.99 US, $17.99 CAN
Age: 12 and up
ISBN: 9780984442256
Format: Cloth


“Formatted as the journal of a teen-aged girl spending the summer with relatives on Orcas Island, Washington and taking up a job as a natural history illustrator while there, there is much about Eliza’s Journal that appears promising, not the least of which being its potential to reach a demographic group of readers all-too-frequently underserved by natural history writers – teen-aged girls.” 

–The Well Read Naturalist

“Eliza’s Journal is funny, fast-paced, and contains just the right amount of mystery, science, and romance to capture a discerning middle grade reader.” 

–YA Books Central


ABOUT THE AUTHORCaelyn AB Williams has had a lifelong interest in paleontology, zoology, and particularly Orcas Island in the Puget Sound. She lives near Olympia, Washington.

Katie Green is a graphic designer, high-plains drifter, and river rafter.