Tracks Count: A Guide to Counting Animal Prints
Written by Steve Engel | Illustrated by Alexander M. Petersen
Introduction and Animal Facts by David R. Shapiro

Tracks Count is a traditional number book that anyone can step into reading! Tracks Count teaches children to count to ten while introducing footprint identification to the aspiring animal tracker. From horse to moose to wolf, this tale has something for everyone, from the playful counting youngster to the nature enthusiast. Entertainingly written, each page includes a detailed drawing of animal prints as well as some attributing description. The bold illustrations are helpful in learning to recognize and identify tracks.

Price: $17.99 US, $21.99 CAN
Age: 6 and up
ISBN: 9781940052076
Format: Hardcover



Author Steve Engel works at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve in Hillsboro, Oregon, as a nature program supervisor. Engel has worked in the environmental field for over thirty years, teaching students of all ages in a variety of settings. He currently lives in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Illustrator Alexander Petersen was born in the Midwest and raised in eastern Iowa. He received his BFA from Cedar Falls at the University of Northern Iowa. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon, where he teaches children art with Art4Life.

“Whether you have your own children, or teach others in a school or similar setting, or want to give a niece, nephew, grandkid, etc. a fun, educational book, Tracks Count is a great choice, especially with the holiday season fast approaching.”


“The toe tracks of a variety of animals from all over the world are set before budding nature enthusiasts in numerical order from zero through ten. Reading this book will stimulate learning on a variety of levels.”

—The Portland Book Review

“Engel, who previously oversaw adult education at the Audubon Society of Portland and now at the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve in Hillsboro, not only shares animal tracks that can be found in the Portland area, but some from around the world too.[…] Following the track counting, Craigmore Creation’s naturalist/author David Shapiro provides information about all of the animals featured. The artwork by Petersen of the tracks and the animals in their habitats is warm in its earthy tones.”

— Exploring Portland